Bockman Canal (Line N) Restoration

Project Owner

Alameda County Flood Control & Water Conservation District

Project Location

San Lorenzo, California

Project Value


Project Description

Restoration of Bockman Canal (Line N) From 200 Ft Downstream of Tide Gate Structure to UPRR (FC 2-D-135)

In general, the Project consists of improvements to approximately 3,500 LF an existing bayside drainage canal. The work consists of preparing and implementing water pollution control plan; designing, installing maintaining and removing, sheetpile cofferdam and canal de-watering. Excavation and hauling of sediment, silt and embankment soil to a nearby disposal site. Excavation, grading and drainage improvements to the access roads along each bank. Planting and revegetation improvements along entire canal. Installation of chain link fencing and gates. Improvement to existing tide gate structure.

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