Rail Rehabilitation Phase 6, Crossovers and Interlockings

Project Owner

Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority

Project Location

San Jose and Santa Clara, California

Project Value


Project Description

The project involves rehabilitating and improving VTA’s track, signal, and overhead contact system at up to 34 separate locations. Major scopes of work include: near Karina Station installing a new power switch crossover with overhead contact system modifications, upgrading an existing ballast crossover to power switches, and a new signal system including a new bungalow complete. At First & Clayton, replacing a direct fixation, embedded crossover with manual switches. At First and San Carlos, replacing a direct fixation, embedded diamond and pre-curved restraining rail in the middle of an intersection. Near Chynoweth station, replacing 2 ballast turnouts with power switches. At Woz Way, replacing direct fixation, embedded switch points, installing signal components, and cutting over the new signal system. At Santa Teresa Station, installing signal components and cutting over new signal system. Along Tasman Drive, replacing a damaged overhead contact system counterweight pole, upgrading an existing crossover from manual switches to power switches, improving the signal system from ground signals to high signals, and cutting over the new signal system. At up to 20 locations, replacing existing bolted or welded compromises joints with custom made compromise plug rails. At up to 16 locations, removing defected embedded, direct fixation rail sections with new rail. At up to 5 locations, realigning, destressing, and surfacing ballast track. All work performed on and around an operating light rail system.