Muni Metro System King Substation Upgrade

Project Owner

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

Project Location

San Francisco, California

Project Value


Project Description

This project upgrades the existing Muni Metro’s King Substation located in San Francisco. Work includes the replacement of all traction power and auxiliary equipment with new equipment in the King Substation which includes AC & DC Switchgear, Rectifier-Transformer Assembly, 12kV Utility Metering Cubicle Auxiliary, Annunciator, RTU Panels, DC Station Battery System, Fire Alarm and Security Systems, AC & DC Panel Boards, ATS, SCADA System, and new Traction Power Feeder Circuits. In order to avoid interruptions to its transit system, SFMTA will provide a Mobile Substation which will provide traction power for the light rail vehicles during the substation upgrades. Project also includes selective demolition, site preparation, and building renovation prior to installing new equipment. Building renovation of the existing substation includes new HVAC system, new fire suppression system, new ADA compliant restroom, new roof, and sewer upgrades. This project also adds new traction power feeder circuits along 4th Street to the new King Substation and, re-configures the existing circuits along Embarcadero.

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