Alhambra Pump Station Emergency Work – Replace Failed Pumps, Electrical Equipment, and Incidental Work

Project Owner

California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS)

Project Location

Sacramento, California

Project Value


Project Description

This project’s scope of work included emergency replacement of the Alhambra Pump Stations’ mechanical and electrical systems. The Alhambra Pump Station is an existing facility located in Sacramento, CA that is utilized to store and discharge surface water runoff collected from approx. 22 acres of area along and surrounding Highway 50. The existing facility includes a 15,000 cubic foot water Storage Box, Control House, and a Pump Pit located approx. 50’ below grade (Confined Space). The primary scope of work and challenge on this project was to replace two existing pumping systems (pumps, foundations / supports, piping, & electrical / controls) while maintaining the Pump Station in operation at normal service capacity. This required DMZ to implement a temporary pumping system while expediting the design and procurement of two new 45HP submersible pumping systems. DMZ developed and implemented a work plan to allow the new pumping systems to be constructed without affecting the pump stations’ service capacity. Work on the project also included repairs and upgrades to the Pump Pit sump pump, electrical, and HVAC systems. DMZ worked closely with Caltrans Engineering & Management teams to overcome accelerated construction challenges and successfully executed the Emergency Work safely, on-time, and under budget. The Project was substantially complete in November 2019 and Contract completed in June 2020.

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